Fish Gallery Hosting Aquarium Seminars Locally


Fish Gallery Showroom

Fish Gallery recently announced that they will be conducting aquarium-related seminars at their Houston location. The seminars are designed to educate hobbyists and potential hobbyists about a wide range of topics and are open to the general public. Both freshwater and saltwater topics will be covered, including the discussion of fish, plants, and corals. Because the seminars are actually part of a series, the very basic of aquarium keeping will be covered first, increasing in complexity as the group learns more with each meeting. The first Fish Gallery seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th at 6:45pm. This seminar will be on the basics of keeping aquariums, focusing entirely on freshwater aquariums. Despite the first seminar’s focus, the principles will be tied into the saltwater side of the hobby as well. The first seminar is free and will last around 45 minutes. Participants in the seminar will receive a discount toward a new aquarium purchase and refreshments will be provided.


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