Masked Angelfish Stands Out in a Tank Full of Rare Fish


Even in a stunning reef aquarium full of beautiful Acropora colonies and extremely rare fish, a single individual stands head and shoulders above the rest. We’ve been following this particular Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) for quite a while now, and the fish is one of the very few that is even in captivity. So, naturally we’re excited every time a new video is posted. The angel isn’t doing anything different in this video than in previous clips, after all it’s not like the fish knows any tricks, but it is starting to look all grown up and it looks more and more beautiful as it gets older. One thing we did notice this time however, was a slight defensive posturing, not by the masked angel, but by other fish in the tank toward the masked angel. We may just be looking too far into random body positions, but as the masked angel approaches the goldflake angel early on in the video, it would appear that the goldflake leans over slightly so that our favorite little personatus gets full view of the other angel’s side. This is a pretty typical way fish try to express dominance over each other, but hopefully it ends there before the fin nipping begins. Regardless, the tank is extremely beautiful and always a pleasure to see.


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