McDonald’s Restaurant With Massive Reef Aquarium


McDonalds' Reef Aquarium

Would you like frags with that? Admittedly, that was a bit cheesy, but the story behind the one liner is actually quite interesting. Las Vegas is home to tons of different reef aquariums, many of which are located in casinos and restaurants that dot the world famous strip. But the aquariums aren’t limited to just the fancy restaurants. Apparently, a McDonald’s in Las Vegas is home to a 1000-gallon reef aquarium system. According to some vague information floating around the web, the Micky D’s reef tank measures 96″L x 36″W x 48″H and uses two ASM protein skimmers for filtration. A pair of Iwaki pumps power the closed look, with another Iwaki serving as the return pump. There is apparently a chiller located in the ceiling about the aquarium and a Korallin calcium reactor providing calcium carbonate to the reef. The reef is full of a healthy mixture of corals and clams, including hammer corals, Zoanthids, and various soft corals.

Story and images courtesy of BoBo65 and found on the 3reef forums. More images can be seen after the page break.


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