ORA Under New Ownership


Some breaking news for the aquaculture side of our hobby, Oceans Reefs and Aquariums and its affiliate Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm have been sold. ORA announced the news ealier today on their blog, indicating that the new ownership actually took over on June 30th, 2011. They also said that, despite new ownership, the brand and operations of the company won’t be changing. Instead, this new ownership opportunity will allow the company to not only focus on the current lineup of products, but also expand their research and their product offering as well. The current president of ORA, Dustin Dorton, will retain his current position within the company, and they promise an expansion of operations to help meet the growing demand for aquacultured marine ornamental products.

While the news is shocking to some extent, we hope that the new ownership delivers on its promise. We aren’t sure exactly who the new owners are at this point, but we’ll keep digging for that info.


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