Orphek Slimline LED Fixtures Now Available and Seen on Video


Orphek Slimline LED Fixture

Orphek recently announced that their LED Slimline fixtures (formerly called T-5 LED tubes) are officially shipping to dealers across the US and other countries and are available to purchase. The Slimline fixtures use the Orphek Power LED™ emitters and come in 24, 36, 48, and 60″ lengths. The fixtures are available in two color options (combination of 15k white, 460nm blue and UV-violet and a combination of 460nm blue and UV-violet) and can be daisy chained together to provide enough light for even the longest of aquariums. The Slimline comes as a plug-n-play unit, ready to be mounted to a canopy or into a T5HO light fixture right out of the box.

More product information, pictures, and even a move after the break.

Orphek claims that these fixtures are perfect for aquariums 18″ or shallower if they are to serve as the primary source of lighting. If the tank is deeper, the Slimlines will better serve as accent lighting to add color enhancement to your existing lighting scheme, regardless of what type it is. These fixtures will also serve as a great way to add the desired shimmer effect to T5 fixtures without having to go the halide route or investing in completely different light fixture.


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