PrecisionWerkz Frag Stations Making Coral Fragging Convenient


Precisionwerkz Frag Station

PrecisionWerkz, a relative newcomer to the aquarium scene, has developed a nifty new work station that makes coral fragging extremely easy and convenient. Their handy Frag Station frees up the hobbyist’s hands by holding blank frag plugs in place while the corals are being cut and glued. The station is made of ABS plastic and is offered in two different sizes, small and medium. The smaller of the two Frag Stations is designed for the occasional coral fragger, and comes complete with one water holding cup and a rack capable of holding three frag plugs simultaneously. The Medium Frag Station ups the frag plug number to 15, and includes two water holding cups, two lifting trays, and even a drawer to store extra frag plugs or fragging tools. Each of these stations is designed to hold a wide variety of frag plugs, and extra large holes have been included to hold on to those jumbo sized ORA frag plugs. This patent pending product is currently available to purchase through Premium Aquatics for $65 and $125 for the small and medium respectively.

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