Sfiligoi Genesis T5 and LED Hybrid Fixture Available with Five LED Modules


Sfiligoi Genesis T5 5 LED

Aquatics Elite, the North American distributor of Sfiligoi products, has recently announced that the Genesis T5HO and LED hybrid fixtures are now available with more LED’s. Previously only offered in a three LED module configuration with eight T5HO bulbs, this new model will feature five LED modules and only four T5HO. The new model was designed with the gradual move away from the traditional lighting methods and toward the newer technology in mind. On top of that, hobbyists are apparently craving more LED’s than T5’s because this move to offer a new configuration has come only after numerous hobbyists requests. Like its more T5HO laden sibling, this light fixture is fully upgradeable in terms of connectivity, dimmable T5 and RGB options. The Genesis T5 5 LED Module fixture will be available in four different lengths of 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ with a starting price of $2400. A plethora of design options are also available at purchase. These include the type of optics used in the fixture and even the exterior color. The Sfiligoi Genesis hybrid comes standard with with a non-dimmable T5HO setup, but dimmable T5’s can be added for $250, regardless of the length of the fixture.

For more information on this new fixture, please visit Sfiligoi Genesis T5. A closeup shot of the fixture can be seen below.

Sfiligoi Genesis T5 5 LED Close


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