Shell Adorned Christmas Tree Once Displayed at White House


White House Shell Christmas Tree

Way back in February, we shared a story about the atrocious shell trade that was, and still is, being perpetrated by companies like Shell Horizons, who claim to be the largest U.S. wholesaler of seashells and other ocean products. We highlighted that the trade is sickening to say the least and I sent a handful of emails to the company that went without reply. Over time, I dropped the issue, but I stumbled across another image on their site that again pushed me to my limits. The image is of a Christmas tree laden with sea shells, but it’s not just any Christmas tree from a random home. Instead, it’s a tree that sat in the White House in 2007. The The tree was display in the Palm Room and apparently chosen by The First Lady to highlight the nation’s seashores. To match the tree, a five-foot diameter wreath was also made of the same shells. All in all, the tree is said to weight roughly 2000lbs.

The immediate thought that popped into my head when I read “to highlight the nation’s seashores” was what better way to celebrate ocean life than killing it and putting it on display for no more than a month?


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  • reefergal

    Killing live trees is bad enough, but then to decorate them with creatures from the ocean is so telling of the mindset behind this display.  So much more education is needed!

  • Mike Loy

    This is an ignorant article since you dont know anything about the seashell trade Fact seahorses where farmed raised and 10% where relocated back to the sea. second all the shells used where farm raised also bi product of a food source. Do you research before opening your trap about things you do not understand