The Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Pro LED System


Ecoxotic Panorama RGB Module

Ecoxotic wasn’t quite done when they originally released their newly redesigned Panorama Pro Module. Instead, it seems they were just scratching the surface with the roll-out of updates that included a slimmer design, increased output and new color combinations. The latest release from the LED producers is a RGB Panorama Pro Module that features all of the above updates plus a remote control that can increase or decrease light levels, fade the lights in or out, and turn the Module on and off. On top of that, a RGB Module has 16 different color combinations that emit whites, yellows, oranges, reds, blues, greens and purples. This module consumes only 19watts and a reflector can be attached to it for added light output. The Panorama RGB Module isn’t available yet to hobbyists, but will be shortly. Until then, enjoy some images of a few different colors below.

RGB Panorama Red

RGB Panorama Faded Green

RGB Panorama Blue


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  • Maxwell Chiareli

    i do not see, how a green or red can be nice for a reef tank.

    does anyone use these colors?

  • Wow way to rebrand the Chinese goods.  I got this exact kit on eBay two years ago.

    And no, green or red alone are not the best for corals, but together combined with the blue it makes white. The new remotes out for these kits have more keys, and can allow you to adjust the intensity of each color to allow a costume color of your choice. Like 12,000K.

  • Brian

    It’s more about accenting your tank with different colors and being able to choose.  I think the blue is the most useful, but I’m interested to try some of the other colors to see what happens.  Dimming is also nice feature.

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  • Maxwell Chiareli

    If I choose to use the Blue or the 12K white, will have the same effect, if i use the specific Panorama Blue or 12K white?

    • Probably, but if you go that route you are limited to that specific color.

    • No, because it is using a part of the RGB LED which is not equivilant to the entire counterpart LED.