Tip of the Day – 7/13/2011


Very often, the live rock structure in an aquarium will get moved or messed up for one reason or another. Increasing water flow, adding new corals, or simply doing routine tank maintenance can move rocks, ruining the entire look of the aquarium, at least to the aquarium’s owner. To fix the issue, the hobbyist might spend hours or even days working on the rocks to get them back to their original orientation, often using memory alone. One thing a hobbyist can do to supplement their memory of the rock structure is to take plenty of pictures before the live rock becomes encrusted with corals. Taking detailed images from multiple angles will allow the hobbyist to put the shifted rocks back in their original spot, or at least a spot close enough to satisfy the aquarium keeper. Of course, this means constantly going back and forth from the aquarium to a computer or digital camera, so be sure to keep a towel on hand to keep your hands dry or have someone else flip through the photos.


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