Two Little Fishies’ New Bactiv8 NPX Biological Filtration


Two Little Fishies Bactiv8 NPX

Two Little Fishies is releasing another product onto the aquarium market, this time in the form of a bacteria additive. Called Bactive8 NPX, the liquid filtration additive contains cultured and naturally occurring marine microbes that promote the decomposition of organic waste and lend a big hand in the nitrogen cycle. The Bactive8 NPX comes in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml, and is extremely affordable considering the outrageous prices on bacteria blends these days. The 250ml bottle retails for only $7.50 and the 500ml for $13 over on Marine Depot. Again, these prices are almost unheard of in the biopellet and bacteria dosing age of aquarium keeping. Lastly, this additive works well with other TLF products, such as the NPX Bioplastics, which when combined, serve to rapidly establish biological processes that remove nitrates and phosphates.

Features of the Two Little Fishies Bactiv8 NPX Biological Filtration:

  • Natural Heterotrophic bacteria.
  • Promotes assimilation of Nitrate and Phosphate.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Digests organic debris in gravel and filters.

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