Australian Flathead Perch Finally Seen at LiveAquaria


Australian Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis)
A couple of weeks ago, Kevin Kohen of LiveAquaria teased us all with the announcement that the super rare Australian Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis) would be arriving in their famed Diver’s Den, a section of their site comprised entirely of “what you see is what you get” aquarium livestock. We waited impatiently for the fish to actually become available to the public, hoping for at least another picture as well, but our wait is finally over.  The stunning flathead perch has finally been made available on the LiveAquaria site as of yesterday to the tune of $5000.

With this fish and several other super rare deepwater specimen showing up stateside over recent months, it gives US hobbyists a sliver of hope that we may see more and more rare items.


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