Centropyge heraldi x bicolor Hybrid Angel from B-Box Aquarium


Centropyge heraldi x bicolor Hybrid

Our obsession with rare angelfish continues to grow, and today it’s being helped along with an unusual hybrid angel from B-Box Aquarium. The Japan-based aquarium livestock retailer shared images of their recently acquired Centropyge heraldi x C. bicolor hybrid angel over on their blog, and we find the coloration to be extremely beautiful. Measuring a little over 3″ long, the fish apparently originated out of Cebu and is already eating frozen brine shrimp, which is always a good thing when rare fish are involved.

Currently, there’s very little info on this fish, and translations from Japanese to English aren’t always perfect which makes it that much more difficult. What we can tell by the language though is that the hybridized lineage of this fish is assumed by B-Box and they aren’t 100% sure as to the parental species. It is possible that this is just a xanthic Bicolor angel, but when we first gazed upon the image we thought hybrid too. Regardless of its source (hybrid or xanthic), the coloration makes this fish very rare and beautiful.


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