Ecoxotic Updates Panorama Retrofit and Adds Dimmable Driver


Ecoxotic Panorama LED Retrofit 2D

It’s update time over at Ecoxotic, and the latest product to get a makeover is their Panorama LED Retrofit 2. The updated retrofit light will now feature higher output LED chips, new optical lenses, and an optional dimmable LED driver. As the name suggests, the Panorama LED Retrofit 2 is specifically designed to be installed into canopies, but it can also be suspended over an aquarium with a cable mounting system. The LED fixture sports a healthy mixture of 10,000K white and 453nm blue LEDs, and if the color isn’t exactly the way you like it, it can be combined with Stunner Strips and other Ecoxotic lights to dial in the desired spectrum. An aluminum heat sink is also present on the fixture, and directs heat away from the lights and away from the water, allowing your aquarium to fun at cooler temperatures and possibly eliminating the need for noisy fans and expensive chillers. The Ecoxotic Panorama LED Retrofit 2 and dimmable Retrofit retail for $348 and $358 respectively. With only a $10 difference, we would think that the dimmable Retrofit would be a far better choice in lighting, as it gives users more options, but either choice would be great over a wide variety of aquariums.

A video detailing the installation options of the Ecoxotic Panorama LED Retrofit can be seen after the page break.


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