Eheim’s New AquaLight LED


Eheim AquaLight LED

Over the last several months, we’ve seen the Eheim Aqualife Nano Aquariums displayed at a handful of local aquarium stores. The tiny little nano aquariums were always quite stylish, featuring a tank-mounted LED arm style lamp that sat over the tank, along with built-in filtration and a very simple stand. While the entire setup looked great, the thing that stood out most about those setups was the LED light. Keeping with the style of the Aqualife nanos, the AquaLight LED was very simple and it looked like a good candidate for other small aquariums that hobbyists might want to display on a countertop at home or a desk at the office. Unfortunately though, the lights were only available as a bundle with those aquariums, until now at least.

Our Spanish speaking aquarium blogging friends at Acuaristica recently revealed that Eheim will have these available separately, though with the spectrum currently being offered, they will probably find little use over a tiny reef aquarium. We’re hoping Eheim will come out with a saltwater aquarium friendly color spectrum for these LED lights, but we aren’t holding our breath.

Details about the LED light after the page break.

The LED swing arm light will emit approximately 3100 lux with a color spectrum around 6500 Kelvin. Additionally, the spectrum will hit areas between 400 and 500nm in order to promote plant growth. The LEDs consume only 7 watts of energy and lasting up to 20,000 hours. There are no pricing or availability details on Eheim’s website currently, though we expect them out any time. There is however, a brief amount of info regarding the lights being currently offered with the Aqualife nano aquariums.

From Eheim:

High output PowerLED light with 81 interconnected diodes
(Safety sealed, low voltage – only uses 7w)

  • Internal aluminum heat sink keeps lamp cool to the touch and does not transfer heat to aquarium water.
  • Excellent illumination with nice shimmering effect, generating 1200 lumens at 6000K. The PowerLED’s bright natural daylight provides the vital energy that live aquatic plants and a variety of marine organisms need to thrive. Superb color rendition reveals the aquarium life in the vividness of its natural colors.
  • LED Lamp long life rated 20,000 service hours – 5 years with average usage
  • Power is supplied through the light track. The LED fixture is vertically and horizontally adjustable.

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