Giesemann’s New MegaChrome Crystal Metal Halide Bulbs


Giesemann MegaChrome Crystal Metal Halide Bulbs

In the fast changing world of reef aquarium lighting, especially with everyone jumping into the LED pool, Giesemann is sticking by their guns with the introduction of their latest addition to their metal halide lineup. The New MegaChrome Crystal MH bulbs offer a crisp white light with touches of violet and blue. There’s supposedly enough blue and violet in fact, that Giesemann claims hobbyists won’t even need actinic supplementation except as only to create a dawn and dusk effect. The color temperature is over 17500 Kelvin, and the lamps will only be available in 150 and 250 watt double ended.

Even though I haven’t run metal halides for some time now, I’m not sure why Giesemann wouldn’t offer a single ended version of the MegaChrome Crystal. Single ended halides are so much better in my opinion, since more of their light is reflected back into the aquarium. There’s no ceramic clips getting in the way of light bounding back into the aquarium. But this is all an argument for another time.


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