Gold Ribbon Grouper Adds Style to Fish Only Systems


Blue Harbor Japan has shared a few new clips recently, and the fish in the video above really stood out to us. The gold ribbon grouper (Aulacocephalus temmincki), also called a gold ribbon soapfish, is a medium-sized predator that is absolutely beautiful and will instantly add style to your predator system. This grouper is bright blue with a yellow stripe extending from its snout to its tail, and it can reach a length of roughly 15″. To make the fish even more interesting, it can completely turn its ribbon off depending on its mood. This behavior isn’t limited to this fish however, as many groupers can change colors randomly and rapidly. The gold ribbon group is limited to the waters surrounding Japan and can be found at depths between 20 and 120 meters.

This fish doesn’t seem to be terribly rare, though it surely isn’t common in the aquarium trade. Price, availability, and other details are scarce at this point, but if we hear anything else, we’ll be sure to update.


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