The EcoTech Marine Radion LED Coming Very Soon


EcoTech Marine Logo

Several months back, EcoTech Marine filed an obscure trademark for a Radion LED, but they were able to keep every detail about the trademark completely under wraps forcing the aquarium community to speculate wildly over the possibilities. Yes, the innovative water pump creators are branching out into the LED market, but their new product has been and will continue to be (at least for a little while longer) shrouded in so much mystery that most of us will be guessing as to what it may actually entail. Fortunately, a little information has leaked out from third party sources. Here’s what we know so far. The Radion name will be given to an LED light fixture. It will apparently have 34 full spectrum LEDs that will be a mix of Cree and Osram brand emitters. The fixture will be able to communicate wirelessly with the VorTech pumps and will have robust sunrise, sunset, and cloud cover programs. Other than those details, we don’t know much else. Will the LEDs be modular? How will the fixture look? Fortunately for aquarium technophiles, we won’t have to wait much longer for the official product announcement from EcoTech Marine. They will apparently be releasing all that information at MACNA, which is drawing ever closer. We’ll still try to dig up as much info as we can, but for now the details above will have to do.


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