The New Reef Octopus Diablo Protein Skimmers


Reef Octopus Diablo Protein Skimmer

Reef Octopus has recently unveiled a brand new protein skimmer that is being added to their lineup. The cone-shaped space saving skimmer dubbed Diablo, has an 11″x9″ footprint and promises to be a high performance and reliable skimmer that you don’t have to sell your soul in order to afford. Very competitively priced at $300, this skimmer is suitable for aquariums 180 to 300-gallons. The Diablo 2500 is the only model available int the lineup, and it includes all of the standard skimmer amenities like a bubble chamber, full cone body, silencer, cup drain, and a gate valve. The pump, which sits underneath the skimmer to save space, is the Italian-made Sicce PSK 2500 pinwheel. The Diablo from Reef Octopus will hit store shelves in early October, and we expect to see them make a debut at MACNA, which is right around the corner.


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