Tip of the Day – 8/18/2011


A lot of inexperienced aquarium keepers purchase aquariums from reputable manufacturers, but fail to get a quality stand. They sometimes build it themselves, use an unsuitable piece of furniture, or rely on something that is terribly made. In fact, I once stumbled across a stand for a 75-gallon aquarium that fit together like a puzzle and didn’t use a single nail or screw to hold it together. Needless to say, it was a bit nerve racking to even stand near this particular tank.

When selecting the aquarium stand, you should either choose the stand that the manufacturer builds or have a custom stand made by a reputable craftsman. Doing it yourself may result in an unlevel stand or one that can’t support the continuous weight of the aquarium. Sure, these stands may serve their purpose for a short time, but they or the aquarium will eventually fail.


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