Tip of the Day – 8/4/2011


How do you know when your aquarium is ready for corals? Some sources suggest you have to wait six months before adding any type of coral. Others say to wait a little longer, and other say a little less. Certainly a mature saltwater aquarium is more capable of handling corals than a brand new setup, but you don’t have to wait six full months if all goes well. After the tank has fully cycled, meaning you have zero ammonia or nitrites, and you feel confident in your abilities, you can start adding fish and corals. But don’t go out and purchase every coral at the local fish store. Instead, take it very slowly. Add a coral and see how it responds over a short period of a time, say a couple of weeks. If the coral thrives (keyword of that sentence), then try adding a different type. Again, take it very slowly and monitor each coral’s health. Keep testing the aquarium’s water and continue with regular water changes. Doing this will eventually lead to a very mature and well populated reef aquarium.


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