TrueLumen LED PadLite from Current USA


Current USA TrueLumen PadLite LED

Here’s a new LED fixture that snuck in under our radar, the new TrueLumen LED PadLite from Current USA. Technically we saw this light back in March when Current USA showed off some video of their Cardiff aquariums, but the light was a mystery to us at that point. We knew the fixture was LED-based and was built off of the TrueLumen platform, but we didn’t find out much more information about it until just recently.

The PadLite is a low profile LED fixture that measures only 1/4″ in overall height and is constructed of a solid aluminum exterior. The light features high-intensity LEDs that bring the total power consumption of the fixture to a mere 8watts. The PadLite comes standard with 12oooK white emitters, but for those who want to customize the spectrum or boost output, additional TrueLumen strips can be added to the fixture. These include 453nm Actinic Blue, Rose Pink, 12K/453nm Actinic Blue, 12K/Rose Pink or another 12000K white LED strip. For mounting options, the PadLite is designed to sit on top of the glass tops that come standard with many of Current USA’s aquariums like the Cardiff and Solana, but it also has mounting holes that allow it to be installed virtually everywhere else. The strips lights are also water resistant, so no need to worry about the occasional water splash or inevitable condensation buildup. That being said, it’s always wise to wipe down the lights on a regular basis. Each TrueLumen PadLite will come with all the required connection cables and a 12V transformer.

More images can be seen below, along with the original video these lights first showed up in.

Before we get to the other images and video, I also wanted to say that we are supposed to be receiving this new PadLite any day now for a product review. We’ll run it through the usual gamut of tests and report back with our opinions and experiences of the light. Until then, enjoy the photos and video.

Current USA TrueLumen PadLite Top

Current USA TrueLumen PadLite


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