AquaIlluminations Sol Now Offered in Black, Sees Price Drop and New Mounting Hardware


Black AI Sol Module

AquaIlluminations has been working hard behind the scenes, and this weekend they’ve unveiled a whole lot of LED goodness. On the business end, the AI Sol and Nano modules will be getting a price drop. The AI Sol will drop down to $399 and the Nano down to $299. In terms of the physical characteristics of the modules, the AI Sol is now going to be offered in an all new color. The popular AI Sol modules, which have previously only been available in white, will now come in an all-black finish as well. As if this weren’t already enough, AI also revealed a new mounting system for the modules, which will fit on to modules already on the market.

Fortunately, that’s not where the AquaIllumination updates end. AI has unveiled a new wirelessly controllable “Phoenix” module and a new warmer light configuration for the AI Nano. We’ll discuss the details of those two modules in another couple of articles later today. Until then, enjoy the photos of the Black AI Sol.

AI Sol Module in Black

AquaIlluminations Black AI Sol Module


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