ATI PowerCone 250i Shows Off in Video


The ATI PowerCone is one of the most unique protein skimmers on the market. Instead of the traditional needlewheel, fractionating water pump, and venturi, the PowerCone skims in a whole new way. It uses a meshwheel impeller on a controllable water pump. The venturi draws in air from the middle of the fitting instead of on the outside like every other skimmer, and a built-in air flow meter lets you know how much air the PowerCone is drawing in at any given time. This combination of features allows for extremely fine bubbles and a lengthy contact time, creating a very thick and stable foam head. In the video above shot at MACNA this past weekend, we can see the super fine bubbles being produced along with the different features present on the skimmer. George from ReefGeek demonstrates how the skimmer’s air draw can be adjusted, along with how the skimmer reacts to a clog in the air line. Despite initial setbacks out of the gate, the PowerCone should be making its US debut within a few months.

Stay tuned for more videos and updates from MACNA.


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