CoralVue Crams 100watt Multichip LED Into LumenBright Reflector


CoralVue LumenBright LED Fixture

MACNA was full of interesting and unique aquarium related items, with a majority of vendors showing off their latest and greatest LED products. The guys at CoralVue were no different in that respect, but they took their latest LED products in a slightly different direction. Yes, they did have an LED fixture that used a lot of the same technology as other manufacturers, but they also showed off something rather unique. Combining the best metal halide reflector and the most powerful LED they could find, CoralVue crammed a LumenBright reflector full of LEDs. The fixture sports a 100watt white multichip LED and two banks of blue and white LEDs. This powerful setup is still very early in the prototype phase and the external housing is nowhere close to representing a polished final product, but they couldn’t resist showing off their monster LED light. In addition to this fixture, CoralVue also showed off a very similar product that had a metal halide bulb instead of the multichip LED. Pricing and availability for either of these two products is still a ways off, but we’ll update the site if this light actually materializes into a production model.

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CoralVue LumenBright LED

Power Supply for CoralVue LumenBright LED Fixture


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  • That’s an interesting idea, but aren’t the reflectors designed to bounce light coming from the center of the reflector rather than the back? I think something like this would need to be engineered from the sheet metal up rather than with off the shelf parts to really get big effects. Nice find; I didn’t even see that there.

    • Hey Michael, the fixture was tucked away underneath a shelf and toward the back of the CoralVue booth. They definitely weren’t advertising it. As for the reflector, I’m not quite sure what I think about it yet. It was definitely cool, and I love those reflectors when using metal halides, but we’ll see how it performs in the long run assuming it ever makes it to production.