EcoTech Radion Seen Locally


EcoTech Marine Radion Over Corals

Even though the all new Radion LED has just made it’s big splash on the aquarium scene and isn’t even available to purchase yet, a local hobbyist/photographer has gotten his hands on it, well actually two! Local aquarist Dennis has has a stunning pair of Radions sitting over his awesome 36″ EcoTech powered cube tank that even includes a pair of MP40w ES pumps inside a unique and ingenious dry dock setup. The mixed reef is stunning to say the least and the Radions really make it shine. We will have more info about the light and some photos of our own later in the day, but until then enjoy the pics of these sharp looking tester units.

EcoTech Marine Radion XR30

EcoTech Radion XR30w

EcoTech Marine Radion LED

EcoTech Marine Radion Over Cube


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  • Richard Mayo

    That is a terrible photoshop picture, look at the last picture, the Vortech is on a strange angle, i would say that is just a stock image and the Vortech’s and the Radions have been digitally added

    • actually, the guy who owns the tank prefers to hang the lights on a different angle than most of us would do typically. instead of just hanging the lights horizontally over the tank, he turns it at a 45 degree angle over the cube-shaped aquarium to give it a different look. he used to have a different light fixture that he mounted the same exact way.