EcoTech’s Radion Shows Off PAR Numbers and Spectrum


EcoTech Marine Radion Spectrum

Yesterday, Ecotech Marine made the official announcement of their highly anticipated Radion XR30w LED module, but the information was lacking in what everyone was craving, a picture of the fixture. Well, they still haven’t released images of the light (they are waiting until MACNA for that), but what they did show us was a pair of graphs giving us a little insight into the light’s output. The first graph represents the spectral output of the Radion and the other being a 3D PAR plot.

More info on each of the graphs is listed after the page break.

The spectrum of the new Radion LED show it is heavy in blues and greens, but surprisingly lacking in the reds, which is interesting given the use of the Osram red emitters. Some say this spectral plot is characteristic of Cree emitters, but the spectrum can be fine tuned to fit whatever your needs are. With the light’s controllability in mind, a single spectral plot is really limiting the data unless you plan on running it exactly how EcoTech has done in order to plot this graph. Regardless of all of this spectrum talk, the light will produce fantastic colors and a beautiful looking aquarium provided all of the other loose ends are tied down.

EcoTech Marine Radion PAR Numbers

Judging by the PAR graph immediately above, the Radion will churn out more than enough light to adequately illuminate any type of coral. Even though the depth and distance from the XR30w light where PAR was measured is not in the graph, we are positive that the measurements were taken at a reasonable depth. We can aldo see that the readings are 200 PPFD and up for a vast majority of the spread.

With all of the sweet features built right in to this new LED, we assume not to many reekeepers are going to get hung up on the PAR or the color spectrum.


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