HANNA Instruments Moving and Expanding


HANNA Instruments Logo
HANNA Instruments announced a bit of good news over on their website recently. In mid-October, the testing equipment producers are relocating and expanding their USA headquarters from its current home to a brand new 35,000 square foot facility to give them a bit more breathing room. On top of that, the company’s international headquarters, otherwise known as HANNA Instruments Inc., will remain at their current location and no longer have to share the space. According to the company’s president, the new facility will allow HANNA Instruments to be more productive and accommodate to an increase in product demand. Even though most of would like to think that HANNA is only focusing on the aquarium industry, they do in fact provide testing equipment for a huge variety of markets. The expansion should, however, allow the company to better serve all of their markets and bring even better aquarium equipment to hobbyists at a quicker pace.


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