More Images of the Unique “Goldflake” GSM Clownfish


Crazy Pattern Goldstripe Maroon Clown

Just a couple of days ago, we showed off a few grainy images of the uniquely patterned “Goldflake” Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish that our friend and local breeder Mike Hoang (aka “mike13oy”) was able to breed from a pair of normal looking GSM clowns. Upon first seeing these photos, we fell in love with the clowns and these new photos just reinforce those initial emotions. Mike was able to get some up close shots of some extraordinary looking individuals, which show the insane strips and random splotches seen on the fish. These GSM babies are only a month old, and we’re extremely curious to see how the gold coloration starts to fill in as they mature. But we’ll quit blabbering for now so that you can enjoy some photos of these beauties.

Teardrop GSM Clownfish

Rare GSM Clownfish

GSM Clown with Unusual Pattern

GSM Clown with Unique Pattern


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