NFL Star Sleeps with the Fishes


Chad Ochocinco Bedroom Aquarium

Some people have a difficult time sleeping without one of those noise makers that plays the sounds of nature, such as rain, beaches, and animal life all night long. Apparently, NFL star Chad Ochocinco is one of those individuals, but he doesn’t stop with just the sounds of nature, he actually sleeps with it, sort of. Recently unveiled on the Sportress of Blogitude, the headboard of the football player’s bed is actually nestled into a space underneath an acrylic aquarium made by none other than the guys from the tv show “Tanked”. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has made this bedroom aquarium, along with a massive living room tank with three large televisions mounted right to the front of it, and both currently sit in Mr. Ochocinco’s Florida home.

Chad Ochocinco Living Room Aquarium

While we can appreciate unique aquariums and an obsession with fish that runs deep enough that you feel the need to sleep under a tank, the aquarium in the living room seems completely pointless. The very large cloudy aquarium is basically blocked out by three large HDTVs. The presence of televisions wouldn’t be much of an issue if they were movable, but we surely don’t see any mounting hardware. On top of that, the cords apparently run through the aquarium, though they probably never come into contact with the water. In all likelihood, the televisions probably can come off the tank through the use of a special mounting bracket and the cords are probably run through a special dry chamber, but we still can’t help but be irked by a cloudy aquarium with televisions mounted to it. Some could make the argument that the tank was recently cleaned, but our hunch leads us to believe that the shark aquarium doesn’t get the attention it needs.

The main point behind bringing up this story is proof that no matter how much money you throw at an aquarium, without a little elbow grease and hands on, the tank is destined to look terrible.


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