The Reef Octopus Trident is a Beast


Here’s a clip of a massive Reef Octopus Trident protein skimmer that is currently being tested before becoming available to the public. The huge skimmer looks like a Hurricone on steroids, and according to a vague description, it apparently utilizes a HY-10000W Water Blaster pump as the main injection pump as well as a HY-1000S Bubble Blaster located at the bottom of the device. The two combined pumps churn out a ton of bubbles, and at first glance it would appear to be far too turbulent inside the skimmer’s body. This is evident in the neck and collection cup of the skimmer as the bubble appear to rise and pop too violently to develop any kind of stable foam head. But keep in mind that the skimmer is still in the testing phase. The body of the Trident appears to be more than three feet tall, and it’s actually made of two acrylic cylinders joined together with a flange and thumbscres. We can’t tell if a bubble diffusing plate is present, though we assume it to be there.

Another thing we are curious about is that monstrosity on the left hand side of the video clip. It is definitely a well used commercially-rated protein skimmer and it appears to share the same generalized shape as a Hurricone as well, but zero details are available at this point.


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