The Sea Sweep Gives Mobility to Water Pumps


Sea Sweep Powerhead Rotator
While at MACNA, we spied one of the best upgrades you could ever give your in-tank water pumps. The Sea Sweep, made by the same guys who produce the popular Sea Swirl for return pumps, is a nifty device that allows pumps like the Tunze Stream or the Hydor Koralia to be rotated back and forth slowly in the aquarium. The rotation of the water flow causes a great deal of randomized turbulent flow and really prevents dead spots from developing. Each pump mounts to a special bracket, of which there are only two different types currently being offered. The most versatile of the brackets consists of a simple box mounted to the rotating device. A pump mounts to the rear wall of the box with its own magnet mounts or suction cups, and a pair of thumbscrews on either side keeps the pump in place. The other mounting bracket is actually brand specific. The crew at Sea Swirl worked one-on-one with Tunze to create a mount specially designed to use the mounting hardware of the Tunze Stream 2 pumps. It should be noted that this Sea Sweep should not be used with the Tunze Silence Mounts, as the rubber feet will probably pull out of the bracket because they aren’t designed to be used vertically.

We aren’t 100% sure on the prices or release date, but we do know they will be available soon. A couple of more photos can be seen below, with each one focusing more closely on each type of mount.

Sea Sweep with Tunze Stream 2

Sea Sweep and Koralia Pump


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