Thrive Aquatics Website Goes Live

Thrive Aquatics Homepage

Thrive Aquatics Homepage

Thrive Aquatics is a brand new face on the aquarium scene, and because of their stance on reducing plastic waste in their aquarium products, we’ve been paying extra close attention to their offerings to the hobby. But up until last week, we could only follow their product line through a brief video and the occasional sneak peek. Fortunately the Thrive Aquatics website has gone live, which actually debuted at their booth at MACNA a little over a week ago. The site is packed full with all of the Thrive products and even features a forum, store locator, and reef calculator. Users might also spy a little something on the homepage relating directly back to the AquaNerd Blog. Our website feed is hosted on the Thrive homepage, and for that we are deeply grateful.

We got to pick the brains of the Thrive Aquatics crew at MACNA and we were very impressed with both their showing and store philosophy. All of the products are simple and very easy to use, and there are several novel aquarium accessories that really caught our eye. We will be updating AquaNerd readers with all of these products and more, but until then be sure to wander over to the Thrive page and take a peek at all they have to offer.


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