Tip of the Day – 9/2/2011


Salt creep can be a good indicator of leaks from the seams of an aquarium or a piece of aquarium equipment. As the water leaks out ever so slowly from the tank or equipment, it quickly evaporates leaving behind a little salt in the process. As the leaks continue, more and more salt builds up, forming a salt crust or even a salt stalactite as gravity pulls it downward. Salt creep also has somewhat of a benefit. Eventually the evaporation leftovers could fill the tiny leak, stopping it altogether. Of course we don’t recommend letting a leak continue until it sort of fixes itself, but a tiny leak is certainly no huge cause of concern unless it is coming from a seam in the aquarium. If your aquarium is leaking, you better get it fixed or replaced otherwise you might come home to some soggy carpet and a lot of dead animals.


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