Tunze 6095 Shows off at MACNA


Tunze 6095

Another new product we spied at MACNA this year was the Tunze 6095, a brand new addition to the Nanostream lineup. At first glance, the 6095 may appear to be just a widemouth version of the 6055, but upon closer inspection we noticed a couple of unique features this water pump brings to the table. For starters, the output of the pump has a noticeable downward bend at the bottom, toward the front of the housing. When discussing this feature with Roger of Tunze USA, he indicated that this was done to allow for more water to be drawn in and pushed out over a wider but shorter area, creating a much broader and more gentle flow than the other models. The other major difference in the 6095 from its predecessors is the almost complete lack of a propeller guard at the opening of the pump. Instead, the 6095 has small fin-like projections that induces a spin on the exiting water flow. The openings on the other pumps acts more like a tail fin on an airplane to stabilize the water flow, whereas this new design causes more turbulence. The advertised flow rates for the controllable 6095 are 528 to 2,510 gallons per hour at a power consumption of 5-21watts. The retail price is just a shade over $260 and the pump is scheduled to be release very soon.

A photo of the pump’s opening can be seen below.

Tunze 6095 Front


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