Unique Tower Profi Dosing System Seen at MACNA


Tower Profi Dosing Pump
We spied a very unique dosing pump setup at the Fins Reef booth at MACNA a couple of weeks ago, and this system from Didosy is a tightly packed tower of dosing goodness. The Tower Profi neatly crams four peristaltic dosing pumps into a very “under tank real estate friendly” vertical design. Sitting atop the four pumps is a very simple, yet effective control system that allows users to dictate how much of each substance is dosed, as well as the frequency. All of the pumps are independently controlled, and once all of the settings are fine tuned, a tiny pin can be removed from the controller that locks all of the settings in place. This prevents the settings from being accidentally changed if the user bumps into the dosing system inadvertently. This also presents a little bit of an issue, as the pin is tiny and could easily be lost.

Didosy Coral-Shop Dosing Pump

We got to step through the controls of the Coral-Shop Tower Profi dosing pumps briefly at MACNA, and they are very easy to use. After only a couple of button pushes, you’re up and running with the exactly volume you want to be dosed. Each of the ports on the back of the chamber are labeled both numerically and with the associated inlets and outlets, allowing multiple bottles to be used simultaneously without a whole lot of confusion as to what tube goes where.

We didn’t catch the retail price on this awesome little space saving dosing system, but if it’s anywhere in line with the rest of the dosing pump world, it will probably be around $400. This price is purely a speculation on our end, so please keep that in mind.


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