Waterproof iPad Case Ideal for Aquarium Nerds


Waterwear for iPad

Almost every aquarium nerd out there is a technophile to some degree. Whether they are drooling over the latest LED fixture or getting that itch to unnecessarily upgrade their protein skimmer, most aquarium keepers are deeply in tune with the trends of the computer world. Unfortunately though, seawater and electronics don’t play well together. Luckily, the iPad has become more aquarium friendly with the help a simple waterproof case. The WATERWEAR case from TUNEWEAR is a plastic case that features a triple zipper design to keep water and dust out. The plastic is thin enough to still be able to control an iPad or tablet, but durable enough to resist water from careless splashing. The waterproof case is also nice on the price, being offered at $35 over on Amazon currently.


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