Another AquaNerd Coming Soon


Brandon Klaus with Trout in Baffin Bay

Even though I try not to post too much about my personal happenings online, this is something that’s just too exciting to hold back. After enjoying the married life for a few years, my wife and I are finally expecting our very own little future AquaNerd. It’s still too soon to tell if I will have a child who will actually help me maintain the aquariums (boy) or tell me how to do it (girl), but we’re excited either way. And even though having children generally leads to the aquarium hobby taking a backseat, I am promising myself that it won’t happen that way, especially since I’m still in the process of building my 90-gallon AGE rimless aquarium that already seems to be taking forever to get fully established. The AquaNerd Blog will not see any changes in all likelihood. We’ve got a pretty good system of writing and scheduling articles here and it makes sharing aquarium information with all of you very easy to do. Additionally, we will still be attending local and national events in an effort to bring you information about the cutting edge products seen at all of the big shows.


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