ATI Dimmable Sunpower Shines at MACNA


Dimmable ATI Sunpower

Despite everyone clamoring over the latest and greatest LED equipment, the crew at ATI are continuing to improve on a tried and true technology, giving it a few nice features. Last month at MACNA, ReefGeek was displaying one of the new ATI dimmable Sunpower T5HO light fixtures over a stunning reef tank glowing with corals. While the Sunpower isn’t the first dimmable T5 fixture, it’s certainly one of the most affordable with a starting price of only $470 that slowly creeps upward with increased bulbs and fixture lengths. To adjust the light output of the bulbs, the Sunpower uses a built-in controller with an LCD screen and five button interface. According to ATI, the controller provides 10 individual set points that allow for gradual and more realistic dawn to dusk effects, along with adjustable daytime conditions.

ATI Sunpower with Dimmable T5HO

The dimmable SunPower light fixtures are currently available in are offered in the standard T5HO fixture lengths of 24″, 36″, and 48″. Surprisingly, the 60″ fixture isn’t being offered, but each of the other lengths will be available in 4, 6, and 8 bulb configurations. The light offers up a variety of other features, including an active cooling system, individual parabolic reflectors made from 98% reflective aluminum, built-in electronic ballasts, a removable acrylic shield, 6-foot power cord, and an adjustable “Grip-Lock” hanging kit.

We’ve always been fans of T5HO lighting, and despite all of the activity in the LED department, the fluorescent technology is still holding its ground over the aquariums of reef keeping hobbyists.

Reef Tank Under ATI Dimmable Sunpower

Red Lobophyllia Brain under ATI Sunpower

Hammer Coral Under ATI Dimmable Sunpower


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