Avid Aquaculture, a Local Source for Acrylic Products


Avid Aquaculture

With Sapphire Aquatics shutting down shop almost two years ago, the city of Houston has been seriously lacking in acrylic product builders. Sure, there was that one fish store that builds great products and charges an arm and a leg for them, but really nobody else. This exit by Sapphire left a gaping hole in a small niche that fortunately Avid Aquaculture is here to fill. My good friend and local hobbyist Jason Hurd, who has been a dedicated DIY guy for as long as I’ve known him, has taken his passion and creativity to build custom sumps, frag racks, and aquariums for hobbyists looking for quality products. On top of that, he’s made his personal collection of aquacultured frags and home grown phytoplankton available. We’re looking forward to what Avid Aquaculture has to offer the local scene and hopefully we’ll be able to get an acrylic sump for our 90-gallon frag tank soon.

A few photos of some of Avid Aquaculture’s corals can be seen below.

Ultra Joker Favia

Ultra Joker Favia from Avid Aquaculture

Meteor Cyphastrea

Meteor Cyphastrea from Avid Aquaculture

Bleeding Apple Scolymia

Bleeding Apple Scolymia from Avid Aquaculture


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