Bonsai SPS Tank is a Minature Copy of the Famous DSPS Tank


At 250+ pages and over 2 million views and counting, virtually every aquarium nut has seen the jaw-dropping reef build of “chingchai”, a Thailand-based hobbyist who has completely redefined what it means to build a showstopper aquarium. Not being content with just his 1000+ gallon DSPS aquarium, Ching has also created a miniature LED powered version. We haven’t been able to track down a build thread as of yet, but we can certainly make a few observations from this footage and a couple of other clips. As far as equipment goes, the small ADA glass tank sports a LED fixture from Eco-Lamps, a lighting manufacturer who supplies Acan Lighting, along with a single Tunze powerhead. Other than those two items and an obscured overflow, there’s no information on the equipment in this clip. The background doesn’t look like the same setting that the DSPS aquarium sits in, so we are assuming that the tank is wholly separate from that tank and at a different  location.

Update: We were able to find some older videos of this tank that show a calcium reactor, protein skimmer, and biopellet reactor all in a sump below the tank.

Not to take away from the overall beauty of this setup, there’s nothing in the tank that is incredibly rare. The reef does have a plethora of beautiful corals, specifically SPS corals, and basically mimics the live rock layout of the DSPS tank that we’ve all come to know and love. Seeing as how there is a lack of fish, we’d love to see a pair of the Gramma dejongi in the tank, and we know Ching can get them, since he’s had a least one in the past.


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