CoralVue Lands US Distributorship for Maxspect LED Lighting


Maxspect Mazarra LED Fixture
We’ve been hearing faint grumblings of some issues within the Maxspect distribution network as of late, with potential customers complaining about the lack of availability of the all new Mazarra LED fixtures and some hinting that the LED lights were being pulled from websites altogether. We weren’t sure the reason behind the rumors, as there seemed to be a lot of excitement behind most, if not all, of the Maxspect products. Fortunately, all of those rumors and potential fears look as if they are about to be put to rest. CoralVue made the huge announcement yesterday that they will be taking over the US distribution of the entire line of Maxspect products as of October 17th. The change in distribution appears to be driven purely by customer service, or a lack thereof, as CoralVue hinted in a press release that Maxspect wasn’t satisfied with the service that the current distributors have been providing.

Vue Technology and Maxspect International would like to announce that effective October 17th 2011, Vue Technology (CoralVue) will be taking over U.S distribution of their complete line of LED products. Due to the lack of customer service provided by the former U.S distributor, Maxspect decided for the best interest in their business they have chosen us to provide the quality customer service and skilled support the Maxspect product deserves. With our willingness to support this product you can expect customer satisfaction even after the sale. At this time we would like to ask that any customers with Maxspect LED products in stock to contact us and we will discuss how to get you the latest firmware updates to the modules you have before selling them to end users. We would also like to ask that if you have customers that are having problems with any Maxspect product to contact us directly and we will provide the necessary service to help them.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the transfer of Maxspect distribution over to Vue Technology or their product line and sales. In the next few days we will email out new pricing and availability dates for the Maxspect Mazarra LED modules, controller and mounting systems.

Thank you,

David H. D’Aquin
Vue Technology


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