Gramma dejongi Shows Up at B-Box Aquarium Video


The Japan-based dealer of exotic aquarium fish B-Box Aquarium recently shared a video featuring the stunning Gramma dejongi, a Cuban basslet species that has caught our eye over and over again. This particular species of basslet looks similar in both shape and size to it’s Caribbean relative the Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto), but the colors are wildly different. Where the royal gramma has a great deal of purple on its anterior half, the dejongi basslet has virtually no purple, except for a small amount on its pelvic fins and the foremost tip of its dorsal fin. This gorgeous basslet is a relatively new one to the aquarium community, but don’t expect to see any in the hands of US aquarium hobbyists any time soon. Due to the fact that it is collected in very limited quantities around Cuba and the fact that there’s a trade embargo between the US and that island country, we will likely not see any G. dejongi stateside for a while. Our only hope of course is that someone buys the fish from either B-Box or one of the other foreign livestock dealers, which is definitely going to be very cost prohibitive. So, until the fish starts trickling into the US, we’ll have to settle for photos and videos, like the one above.


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