Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps Are Easy to Disassemble


Several years ago, Hydor changed the aquarium water pump game by introducing their very budget friendly propeller-based Koralia pumps. The pumps were very inexpensive, provided good flow that emulated that of more expensive pumps, and featured a magnet and suction cup hybrid mounting system to keep them attached to the glass. But the original line of pumps had one issue when it came to being disassembled for cleaning. The front housing twisted off, which often caused some light plastic parts within the pump to break. This didn’t cause much of a functional issue with the pumps, if any, but it did cause many users to get frustrated with the fact that a piece of their pump broke. Fortunately, Hydor followed up the original Koralia lineup with the release of the Koralia Evolution pumps, which fixed this issue (and a couple of other unrelated issues). The front housing no longer needs to be twisted, but snaps off with the help two tabs on either side of the pump. By simply pushing in both of the tabs simultaneously, the front housing just slights right off.


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