Kessil’s New Deep Ocean Blue A150W LED Seen in Person


Kessil Deep Ocean Blue 20000K A150W

Earlier this year, Kessil jumped into the aquarium scene with their Ocean Blue A150W dense matrix LED pendant. The tiny, yet powerful Ocean Blue 15000K pendant quickly became popular among reef keepers, and Kessil didn’t stop at just the one color offering. When they made the original announcement about the A150W, they also promised 10000K Sky Blue and 20000K Deep Ocean Blue versions of the pendant as well, but stated they wouldn’t be available until later in the year. Fast forward to September, and Kessil is showing off their Deep Ocean Blue at MACNA. Unlike the Ocean Blue, the Deep Ocean Blue is designed as an actinic lighting. It ditches all of the white diodes and goes all blue, giving the the reef a healthy blue glow. The Deep Ocean Blue A150W will retail for $275 and should be available this month or next.

More photos can be seen below, including a comparison between the Deep Ocean Blue and Ocean Blue Kessil A150W fixtures.

Kessil Deep Ocean Blue vs Ocean Blue A150W

Deep Ocean Blue (Left) vs Ocean Blue (Right)

Kessil A150W Ocean Blue


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