LiveAquaria Shows Off Aberrant Yellow Tang


Aberrant Hawaiian Yellow Tang

Although it hasn’t shown up in the Diver’s Den quite yet, LiveAquaria has tempted us with the announcement that a large aberrant yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is coming to the popular what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWG) section of their website. This matured beauty sports a nearly all-white body with only a faint yellow coloration and a few highlights of dark yellow on its fins. The fish hasn’t made it to the website yet from what we can tell through Diver’s Den alerts, so the price is still untold at this point. Another thing still uncertain is whether or not this beautiful fish will keep this coloration in the home aquarium. The select few hobbyists that have owned aberrant Zebrasoma species indicate that they usually revert back to a more normal color over time. This would lead us to think there’s something in the wild causing the unusual coloration, such as diet, and hobbyists simply cannot recreate the conditions to keep the color long term. Regardless, the fish is certainly beautiful and unique, and we expect it to fly out of the Diver’s Den shortly after it is listed.

UPDATE: The Aberrant Yellow Tang has finally been posted for sale on LiveAquaria’s website with the price set at $1300.


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