LiveAquaria’s MACNA Display Reef Aquarium on Video


While at MACNA, we decided to stop by one of the most visually appealing booths at the show and shoot some video footage. LiveAquaria had a gorgeous reef tank full of corals and plenty of uncommon fish like the black tang (Zebrasoma rostratum), a pair of Labout’s fairy wrasse (Cirrhilabrus laboutei), and even a margined coralfish (Chelmon marginalis) to name a few. To make the whole display even more interesting, most of the wrasses were flashing and showing off almost the entire time. Of course, those small fish move very rapidly and are quite difficult to catch on video or still images, but we managed to get some of this displaying on video. Even though the fish were the show stealers for us, we still managed to focus in on some good looking corals as well. The neon green torch coral swaying in the current and the orange Cycloseris plate coral with yellow tentacles are just two of the corals highlighted in the video that we saw in LiveAquaria’s tank at MACNA.

We recommend watching the video in high definition and be sure to enlarge it as well. Most of the small reef fish are hard to see if the screen isn’t maximized.


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