New Micro Sun LED Clamp Light from WavePoint


WavePoint LED Clamp Light

While many different manufacturers are making LED lights for large tanks in an attempt to out compete metal halides and other popular lighting systems, the small aquarium niche isn’t going overlooked. One of the many companies also targeting the nano crowd is WavePoint, who showed off their new Micro Sun LED Clamp Light at MACNA. The new Micro Sun comes in either a 6″ or 12″ fixture, with each sporting a sleek aluminum hood, an adjustable arm, low voltage transformers, and .25watt diodes. The mounting arm assembly can attach to glass or acrylic with a maximum thickness of 1/2″, and for smaller tanks a suction cup can be inserted into the bracket to help keep the fixture secured.

WavePoint SuperBlue LED Clamp Light

The Micro Sun will be available in three different color combinations for each size, totaling six different fixtures overall. An all blue Super Blue fixture, a Daylight LED light, and a 2:1 mixture of white to blue are all currently available. The Daylight Micro Sun would be ideal for a freshwater aquarium, while the other two more suitable for saltwater tanks, though with these being in fixture form, we don’t really see the need for an all-blue fixture. That opinion would change however if you could place multiple strips into a single fixture housing, since the all blue LEDs would make for a great accent add-on.

The 12″ Clamp Light will sport 24 LEDs total, with the 6″ having 12. The larger model should retail around $60 and the smaller around $40. The WavePoint Micro Sun LED systems are currently available to purchase through the proper channels.

WavePoint Micro Sun LED Clamp Light

Micro Sun LED Clamp Light


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