Petition to Stop the Ban on Hawaiian Aquarium Collecting


Yellow Eye Kole Tang

Last week, we reported on a new proposed resolution to ban the aquarium trade in Hawaii that was snuck into a Hawaii County Council meeting. Unfortunately, the rsolution seeking a statewide ban on fish collecting passed with a 6-to-2 vote. The fortunate thing however, is that this county resolution is in no way a law, but it does have a few aquarium industry folks worried about what the future may hold. Will the resolution turn into something larger?

Preparing for the worst, some aquarium industry insiders have already started their own paper movement, with the start of it being in the form of a petition. Started by Kim Koch of Maui Mariculture, the petition is directly aimed at stopping the fishing ban in Hawaii. Feel free to view the petition HERE, where you can read the preamble and sign off on it with a personalized message.


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  • I think most that are in this hobby and have any respect for nature would see limiting collection of wild caught livestock a good thing. If we as hobbyist want to see this hobby survive and be a asset we need to switch our focus to aqua-culture as one day the world may look to us to put back what has been lost and destroyed