Reef Angel Controller Adds EcoTech Controllability


Reef Angel RF Expansion Module
The Reef Angel controller, the aquarium industry’s first open source aquarium controller, is adding a new product to their surprisingly inexpensive and robust lineup. The new item is a RF Expansion module that allows the controller to communicate with EcoTech Marine’s VorTech pumps with the EcoSmart wireless drivers. The module not only allows the controller to talk with the pumps and operate in all of the standard flow modes, but it also offers up two new modes exclusive to Reef Angel, a storm and a custom wave mode. We are assuming the “Storm” mode will create a wildly turbulent and randomizing water flow to pummel your reef, and when coupled with the storm function on the Radion LED, it will make for an interesting display. The Reef Angel RF Expansion module is currently available to pre-order for $100, but a release date has yet to be announced.

This story originally from Marine Engineers and the module can be found at Reef Angel.


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